Goals & Objectives


  • To produce globally competitive graduates and post graduates in the discipline of agricultural engineering including post-harvest technology
  • To develop appropriate technologies and equipment to help Indian farming system, particularly in NEH region to be sustainable and profitable
  • To educate extension functionaries for effective dissemination of agro-technologies to the farmers, entrepreneurs and agro-industries
  • To be an important link in the chain for converting agriculture and allied vocations into profitable enterprises and providing food and nutritional security to the people of NEH region and India.



  • To establish and develop excellent academic facilities for offering undergraduate and postgraduate education in disciplines of agricultural engineering and post harvest technology, appropriate to various states of NEH region in particular and whole country in general.
  • To impart quality education so as to produce globally competitive graduates and post graduates in areas of agricultural engineering and post harvest technology including inter disciplinary areas so that confident and capable human resource, suitable for working as scientists, academics, managers, entrepreneurs etc., could be developed.
  • To establish specialized research laboratories equipped with state of art machineries, equipment and instruments for taking up basic and applied research by the scientists/teachers and post-graduate students and experiential learning facilities including pilot plants for ‘hands – on training’ of college students and entrepreneurs.
  • To develop and demonstrate modern and mechanized farming system appropriate to NEH states which may help the farmers to improve their farm productivity and profitability while preserving and improving the environment.
  • To develop need based improved agro-technologies and equipment for NEH region for household and on-farm operations, post harvest management and utilization of renewable sources of energy.
  • To develop facilities and establish Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) for developing effective methodologies and training of the trainers in information dissemination relevant to mechanization of hill agriculture and processing and value addition of farm produces
  • To popularize improved farming systems, technologies and equipment on pilot basis to be model for other extension agencies.
  • To develop need based linkages and have collaborations in the field of teaching, research, transfer of technologies/extension education and development activities with state’s development departments, national and international institutions including research institutions and industrial and business houses.
  • To offer short-term refresher courses, vocational courses and training programmes for the benefit of the functionaries of state government departments, farmers, entrepreneurs and agro-industrial houses.
  • To provide advisory services to progressive farmers, entrepreneurs, agro-industries and others involved in agriculture and allied sectors, and
  • To act as documentation and information centre on agricultural engineering and post harvest technology related education, research, extension methodologies and rural development technologies pertaining to NEH states.